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Roundtable Nr. 1
Title: Trans-rural Transfer of Innovation

Topic:   Project dissemination
Description: The aim of this roundtable session is to update colleagues on the teaching and learning materials and course structure for two learning programmes designed for rural Small and Medium sized Enterprises on Sustainable Rural Development and Sustainable rural tourism Development
Name of the workshop leader(s):   Mr   Peter Hodgson
E-mail address(es) for contact: Mr Peter Hodgson

Roundtable Nr. 2
Title: European Rural tourism Development Project

Topic:   Project dissemination
Description: This 3 year transnational pilot project aims to develop two new curricula, learning materials and tutor guidance for the delivery of learing programmes for Management inRural Tourism and Development of Rural tourism attractions. Both programmes will be piloted in 2005/2006 and gain accreditation through IVAC the Basque Institute for Professional qualifications.
Name of the workshop leader(s):   Ms   Maria Jose Irastorza
E-mail address(es) for contact: Ms Maria Jose Irastorza

Roundtable Nr. 3
Title: Bridging the Skills gap towards sustainable education

Topic:   Proposal for action
Description: The aim of this roundtable session is: In the first place to discuss and to affirm with the participants a connection between Social and Emotional Learning, that affects the learning culture, so that it facilitates the learning process, and the Environmental Education to Vocational Education and Training. In the second place to speak about possible solutions in order to come to discernment of an approach for Bridging the Skills Gap concerning this theme. In the third place to make appointments to take action for the development of a pilot project or network project.
Name of the workshop leader(s):   Mr   Roel Stemmer and Mr Hans de Jong
E-mail address(es) for contact: Mr Roel Stemmer

Roundtable Nr. 4
Title: Strengthening Middle Management Training in the European VET Sector

Topic:   Management in VET
Description: The title is the name of a Leonardo pilot project. The aim is training middle managers to face the ongoing restructuring process in the European world of VET. The expected result is to strengthen the capacity of the European training sector to interact and cooperate in the future.
Name of the workshop leader(s): Ms. Luise Rosthoj   and Mr Ole Holst
E-mail address(es) for contact: Ms Luise Rosthoj

Roundtable Nr. 5
Title: Pools - Producing Open Online Learning Systems

Topic:   Sharing language teaching resources
Description: Pools is a Leonardo 2 funded project with 9 partners, including EFVET, which will develop online pools of learning materials and teacher training courses targeting production of elearning courses and materials for language learning. The materials being produced in Pools are available in at least Basque, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Gaelic, Lithuanian, Romanian, Spanish. Pools is interested in clustering and collaborating with similar types of projects.
Name of the workshop leader(s): Mr   Kent Andersen, Mr Frans Van Schaik, Mr Sean Mehan
E-mail address(es) for contact: Mr Kent Andersen

Roundtable Nr. 6
Title: IVETA´s links with Africa

Topic:   New openings
Description: IVETA is an organisation with members all around the world. For EfVET members who might be interested about possibilties to link outside Europe, IVETA gives one opportunity. In the roundtable is shared the information from the last IVETA´s regional conference held in Botwana May 2005.
Name of the workshop leader(s): Mr Raimo Sivonen
E-mail address(es) for contact: Mr Raimo Sivonen

Roundtable Nr. 7
Title: Students with special needs and international mobility

Topic:   dissemination/sharing experiences
Description: Vocational special institutions in Finland have established a network for international activities in order to give better possibilities for the students with special needs to take part in international activities. The workshop leaders will share their experiences in organising placements abroad for the learners with special needs, including support services and preparation.
Name of the workshop leader(s):   Ms. Mari Kuosmanen, Ms. Liisa Metsola, Ms. Sirpa Suovirta
E-mail address(es) for contact: Ms. Mari Kuosmanen

Roundtable Nr. 8
Title: Transmobile, mobile learning and training in the retail trade

Topic:   Project Dissemination
Description: Transmobile is a transnational pilot project for the integration of mobile learning into vocational education and continuing training in the retail trade. Retailers are trained by using enterprise digital assistants (EDAs) or personal digital assistants (PDAs) in a learning environment including classroom learning and workplace learning. The project is focusing on innovative didactical-methodical teaching and learning arrangements as well as the development of a certification concept. This concept seeks to enable the identification, recognition and evaluation of formal and informal competences.
Name of the workshop leader(s): Mr Artur Barth, Mr Thomas Fedeler
E-mail address(es) for contact: Mr Artur Barth

Roundtable Nr. 9
Title: Does it go with the job?

Topic:   Project Dissemination
Description: This project is a colaborative project of ROCs (Regional Training Centres) and Homecare organisations. The project, with professional field and education working together, focuses on the theme of SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN HOMECARE. It aims at the developing of educational tools for both education and Homecare. Why this project? The figures show that about 10% of the employees in Homecare are confronted with sexual harassment. therefor it is important that both within the study programmes and within the Homecare organisations attention is paid to the subject. Awareness and increasing the employees' fighting spirit are central in this. But also knowing who one can turn to for support. A toolkit is being developed with a supply of different educational tools.
Name of the workshop leader(s): Mr Co Middelweerdt
E-mail address(es) for contact: Mr Co Middelweerdt

Roundtable Nr. 10
Title: Bridging the Skills Gap Together in practice

Topic:   Needs and opportunities for cooperation
Description: We want to build relationships and collaborative partnerships across Europe by creating a circle of student exchanges which last more than one year. With that aim we started a try out with IDA from FINLAND, as agreed at the EfVET conference in Italy last year (This will take place in spring 2006). Now we will discuss student exchanges for one week. Goals: working at practice skills as taught in the receiving country along with students from the receiving school, obtaining a competence based certificate of participation from the receiving school, practising English as language of communication, getting to know each others culture and ways of teaching,Getting to know the different ways of Competence Based Teaching and starting to form European standards for the skills in which we participate.
Name of the workshop leader(s): Ms. Margrieta Kroese, Mr. Udo Lut Landstede, school of Vocational Education, The Netherlands
E-mail address(es) for contact: Ms. Margrieta Kroese

Roundtable Nr. 11
Title: Follow up Maastricht

Main points:
- State of affairs,
- Participation in tenders,
- Working in the Commission,
- How do we - as providers - get a clear, effective and efficient voice towards the EU VET policy?
- Presentation and discussion.
Name of the workshop leader(s): Mr. Hans Huibers
E-mail address(es) for contact: Mr. Hans Huibers

Roundtable Nr. 12
Title: PICTURE project

Description: PICTURE, a three-year Socrates project which started in October 2004, wants to make use of the contact possibilities of two categories of people (native and non-native speakers of a European language) in developing a language teaching module on intercultural communication which can be used - be it in different versions - in any kind of foreign/second language course in the EU, at any level, from university to vocational training, and from age 16 onwards. The core item will be a series of personal interviews with foreigners on intercultural aspects, which means that students have to actually use the language they are studying in practice. Students will be prepared for these interviews via CD-based stimulus material (film sequences of actual interviews and assignments). Hence the project title, an acronym of 'Portfolio Intercultural Communication: Towards Using Real Experiences'.
Name of the workshop leader(s): Mr. Frans Schneider
E-mail address(es) for contact: Mr. Cor Koster

Roundtable Nr. 13
Title: VIRTEX project

Description: VIRTEX wants to develop language material for using English and German as foreign languages in the catering and hotel industry, in order to prepare students for their work placement and make them more aware of cultural similarities and differences. The project aims to provide a way for students to acquire "virtual experiences" for their work placement through a digital learning environment which is available on CD and which contains film sequences - interviews with restaurant and hotel staff, visualisations of most of the situations in which students may find themselves, among them interactions between staff and guests, etc. -, supplemented by experience-based tasks and assignments. These include programmed interviews in which the students have to take over one of the roles in a filmed exchange with other staff or clients. The assignments can be done by students autonomously and individually, without any direct supervision. The results are kept in a "European portfolio".
Name of the workshop leader(s): Mr. Frans Schneider
E-mail address(es) for contact: Mr. Cor Koster

Roundtable Nr. 14
Title: Use of webcam connections in language learning

Description: Nova College, Haarlem, the Netherlands, and its partners in Vigo in Spain, Bourges in France, Genk in Belgium, Bergen in Norway and Växjö in Sweden concluded last year a Grundtvig 2 Learning Partnership, which is enabling language students to videoconference with foreign colleagues in a for both foreign language. This opportunity appears to be a valuable addition to language courses. Languages used are French, German, English, Spanish and Dutch in all possible combinations. Project language (for coordinators, teachers and technicians) is English.
The network is looking for new partners to join in order to enlarge to scope of activities and to use the system also for native speaker conversation in foreign languages.
In this presentation you will be informed about technical and organisational matters. In a live session with one of the partners some participants can play the role of a language student.
Name of the workshop leader(s): Mr. Henk van der Meulen, Nova College, the Netherlands
E-mail address(es) for contact: Mr. Cor Koster

Roundtable Nr. 15
Title: Portfolio Evaluation in Life Long Learning

Topic:   Portfolio Evaluation
Description: The starting point for the presentation is the outcomes of an EU funded development project, which focuses on portfolio testing in IT programmes for adult learners.
Name of the workshop leader(s): Mr. Ole Bech Kristensen
E-mail address(es) for contact: Mr. Ole Bech Kristensen

Roundtable Nr. 16
Title: Best practices in Know-howsharing by Integrated Product Development projects

Topic:   Know-howsharing
Description:   The integrated product development project (IPD) has proven to be one of the most successful education projects of professional education. Engineering students have been working in multidisciplinary teams on industrial assignments. At least 60% of our assignments are real life technical/business problems from industry that have to be solved. 2 years ago we started with multilevel groups of ROC Eindhoven secondary vocational education and Fontys higher professional education. We improve the educational coaching process by experimenting in the IPD projects. This year we have started to experiment with competence and role oriented coaching of individual students.
Name of the workshop leader(s): Mr. Peter Lavrijssen and Mr. Tinus van de Pas
E-mail address(es) for contact: Mr. Tinus van de Pas

Roundtable Nr. 17
Title: Online terminology database within textiles, clothing and footwear

Target groups
Textile and footwear manufacturers
Buyers and sellers within the trades
Studens at textile and design colleges
Teachers who are triners at production sites

Expected results
An online language database in English, Danish and German
A database for visual teaching materials for teachers
A web-platform for interactive information and exchange of information for teachers, students and companies
Name of the workshop leader(s): Mr. Ole Riis-Pedersen and Mr. Rasmus Gundelach
E-mail address(es) for contact: Mr. Ole Riis-Pedersen

Roundtable Nr. 18
Title: EU cooperation? Why not

Topic: Project Dissemination
Description:   We want to present you the results of various European projects developed by CSCS in recent years as we aim at identifying common areas of interest in order to discuss potential partnership for the future.\nYou will have the opportunity to assist to the presentation of EBCUL.ORG, focused on the certification of IT skills for blind people, FORMATICONLINE.NET, aimed at promoting the use of new technologies into teaching practices, EMOP-ONLINE.COM, offering to tools to vocational guidance coaches for assisting clients in re-entering labour market, CREACTIVA.ORG, promoting entrepreneurship to youngsters.
Name of the workshop leader(s): Mr. Stefano Tirati
E-mail address(es) for contact: Mr. Stefano Tirati